Clinicas De La Cruz Guatemala (Antigua) - Guatemala

Dirección: 3a Avenida Norte #11A Antigua, Guatemala 03001, Guatemala.
Teléfono: 50278320125.
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Especialidades: Clínica dental.
Otros datos de interés: Sanitario, Acepta pacientes nuevos.
Opiniones: Esta empresa tiene 12 valoraciones según Google My Business.
Opinión media: 4.3/5.

Ubicación de Clinicas De La Cruz Guatemala (Antigua)

La Clínica de la Cruz Guatemala, ubicada en la histórica ciudad de Antigua, es una opción altamente recomendable para aquellos que buscan servicios dentales de calidad. Con una dirección conveniente en la 3a Avenida Norte #11A, esta clínica es fácil de localizar y ofrece aparcamiento para sus visitantes.

La clínica se especializa en servicios dentales completos, ofreciendo una amplia gama de tratamientos para satisfacer las necesidades de sus pacientes. Desde limpiezas y exámenes dentales hasta procedimientos más complejos como endodoncia, odontología cosmética y ortodoncia, la Clínica de la Cruz Guatemala está equipada para atender una variedad de casos.

Una de las principales ventajas de la clínica es su enfoque en la atención al paciente. El personal amable y profesional está dedicado a brindar una experiencia cómoda y tranquilizadora, lo que es especialmente importante para aquellos que pueden experimentar ansiedad dental. Además, la clínica está equipada con tecnología de vanguardia para garantizar tratamientos precisos y eficaces.

La Clínica de la Cruz Guatemala también es conocida por su higiene y estándares sanitarios, lo que brinda tranquilidad a sus pacientes. Aceptan nuevos pacientes y ofrecen una variedad de opciones de financiamiento para facilitar el acceso a sus servicios.

Las opiniones de los pacientes son generalmente positivas, con una calificación media de 4.3/5 en Google My Business, basada en 12 valoraciones. Muchos pacientes elogian la atención al detalle, el personal amable y las instalaciones modernas de la clínica.

Si estás buscando una clínica dental confiable en Antigua, Guatemala, la Clínica de la Cruz Guatemala es una excelente opción. Con su enfoque en la atención al paciente, tecnología de vanguardia y servicios dentales completos, puedes estar seguro de recibir un cuidado dental de calidad. Se recomienda encarecidamente visitar su página web oficial para obtener más información y programar una cita. No dudes en contactarlos hoy mismo para dar el primer paso hacia una sonrisa saludable

Opiniones de Clinicas De La Cruz Guatemala (Antigua)

Clinicas De La Cruz Guatemala (Antigua) - Guatemala

I had some issues with plaque on my teeth after travelling for some time and was lucky that I was able to book an appointment at this clinic. Dr Dariela was extremely friendly and did a really good job in deep cleaning my teeth. She took the time to walk me through the treatment and gave me some useful tips for the future. She also speaks English fluently.

Would definitely recommend this place!

Clinicas De La Cruz Guatemala (Antigua) - Guatemala

I can't say enough about Dr. De La Cruz and our fantastic experience with him and his staff. We currently live in the US and spend time each year in Guatemala. When my husband needed dental care, and after finding out that it would cost about $3,200 in the US, we decided to have it done in Guatemala.
Not only was Dr. De La Cruz incredibly friendly, personable and knowledgeable, he took the time to explain every aspect of the procedure to us in detail. He is very skilled and in fact, identified a second tooth needing a crown that our dentist back home had missed. He was also able to avoid a root canal, which we were told could was needed in the US.
We were also highly impressed by the technology used in his office, which was far beyond anything that we've seen used in the US. He was able to scan the teeth at the first appointment, send the data to Guatemala City where the crowns were 3D printed, and put them in the very next day! Back in the US, there would be at least a two week wait for the permanent crowns to be ready.
If you are considering dental care in Guatemala, don't walk, but run to Clinicas De La Cruz in Antigua. You will not regret it! We will be using him for all of our dental needs in the future!

Clinicas De La Cruz Guatemala (Antigua) - Guatemala
Catherine Jones

Jorge De la Cruz is a wonderful dentist who worked expertly on my teeth and went well above and beyond customary service to attend to the dental work I needed. He is professional, attentive and courteous and his practice is well equipped with all the modern dental features one would expect from a dentist in the States or in Europe. This coupled with a short stay in Guatemala (one of the most beautiful countries in the world!) makes working with Dr De la Cruz a wonderful choice! I highly recommend Dr De la Cruz for any dental work one might need!

Clinicas De La Cruz Guatemala (Antigua) - Guatemala
raymond jones

I had a 3 tooth bridge break and come out so I needed help. I had planned to visit Antigua Guatemala so I decided to look online for dentists. I found Dr Jorge de la Cruz and a few others so I started reading about them and, due to the reviews, I thought I would send an email to Dr De la Cruz to ask a few questions. He responded quite quickly and in English. I liked what he said and made an appointment to see what he was all about.
From the first time I walked in the door, Dr De la Cruz and his staff were incredible! Due to the condition of my gums, I needed titanium implants to get the problem taken care of. While he was explaining in great detail what would go on in the procedure, I mentioned that I had a few minor problems with a few other teeth in my mouth and asked him to look at them. I'm 67 so it's not hard to believe that I had some issues. I had a few chipped/broken teeth, some fillings on top of fillings, and years of wear. Together, we came up with a plan.
He and his awsome team would look at the condition of every tooth and evaluate it. Some were a little loose and had to go. Some root canals were questionable and had to be redone. Some old crowns had seen better days and needed to be replaced. Eventually, over 2 trips to Guatemala 5 months apart and multiple appointments in his clinic in Antigua and in his main location in Guatemala City during those visits, I ended up with 6 titanium implants and 12 titanium crowns.
The price of the work was afraction of the cost in the US and the quality of the work is fantastic. He and his team are very friendly and extremely professional. Jorge contacted me regularly via WhatsApp and email to schedule appointments and to follow up. I can't say enough about the professionalism, the compassion, genuine personal interest he and his team consistently demonstrated.
His clinics are state of the art. His skill is above reproach. I am so happy with the end product, I plan to return in a few months to get some more work done on teeth that now definitely need to be upgraded to match the quality of the new ones.

Clinicas De La Cruz Guatemala (Antigua) - Guatemala
Mark Powell

Dr Jorge (senior) carried out an emergency extraction on my tooth that had lost a filling yesterday. No pain during the extraction, no pain or bleeding overnight or this morning. Extremely happy. Surgery is modern and well equipped, and while he and his nurse speak very little english, his son does, and Google translate on a cellphone is very useful.

Clinicas De La Cruz Guatemala (Antigua) - Guatemala
Kostas pane

I went 3 days ago to antigua and I was looking for a dentist I found Dr.Jorge de la cruz. Really good dentist,gentle,he knows what he's doing,good prices and he speaks English fluently. The important thing here is that he is a good person and that matters in any job! Totally recommend it!

Clinicas De La Cruz Guatemala (Antigua) - Guatemala
LC Aguilar

The dentist keeps explaining in complicated dentistry terminology and doesnt want to understand anything. There were no translators also. Even when the assitant understood what i meant, he was so disrespectful that i just left after he quoted me 10x more than my dentist in Guatemala city.

Clinicas De La Cruz Guatemala (Antigua) - Guatemala
Fran Dwight

Dr Jorge did a root canal and 3 beautiful crowns for me while I was visiting from the US, at a fraction of the cost back home. Very nice and knowledgeable dentist.