Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates - St John's

Dirección: KRUPA PLACE, Friar's Hill road, St John's, Antigua y Barbuda.
Teléfono: 2685624972.
Página web:
Especialidades: Dentista, Dental implants provider, Ortodoncista.
Otros datos de interés: Espacio accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Sanitario, Se requiere una cita, Acepta pacientes nuevos.
Opiniones: Esta empresa tiene 96 valoraciones según Google My Business.
Opinión media: 4.9/5.

Ubicación de Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates

Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates KRUPA PLACE, Friar's Hill road, St John's, Antigua y Barbuda

Horario de Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates

  • Lunes: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Martes: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Miércoles: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Jueves: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Viernes: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Sábado: 8:30 a.m.–1 p.m.
  • Domingo: Cerrado

Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates es un renombrado consultorio dental ubicado en la isla de Antigua y Barbuda, específicamente en la dirección KRUPA PLACE, Friar's Hill road, St John's, Antigua y Barbuda.

Este consultorio es liderado por un equipo de profesionales altamente capacitados, que incluyen a dentistas, especialistas en implantes dentales y ortodoncistas. Su atención se destaca por ser personalizada y de alta calidad, con el objetivo de satisfacer las necesidades de sus pacientes.

El consultorio cuenta con instalaciones accesibles para personas en silla de ruedas, sanitarios y un ambiente cómodo y relajante. Además, es importante mencionar que se requiere una cita previa para ser atendido y aceptan pacientes nuevos.

La ubicación del consultorio es estratégica y fácil de encontrar, ya que se encuentra en una de las zonas más transitadas de la isla. Además, ofrecen una amplia gama de servicios dentales, desde limpiezas dentales hasta cirugías complejas, garantizando siempre la seguridad y satisfacción de sus pacientes.

La opinión media de Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates es de 4.9/5, según 96 valoraciones en Google My Business. Estas opiniones reflejan la alta calidad de atención y servicio que ofrece el consultorio.

Si estás buscando un consultorio dental confiable y de calidad en Antigua y Barbuda, Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates es definitivamente una excelente opción. No dudes en contactarlos a través de su página web o llamándolos al número 2685624972 para agendar una cita y experimentar por ti mismo su excelente servicio. Te encantará la atención que recibirás

Opiniones de Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates

Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates - St John's
Chantel Dinard

From my very first visit , it was a great experience. The Dentists and staff are very pleasant and friendly. They made me feel so comfortable. Dr. Jammula is very professional and patient. She explains every procedure in detail and helps keep me calm. The service is efficient and they do follow up calls after every visit which is very good. The ambience in the office is nice and modern. There's also easy parking spaces available. I highly recommend Dr.Jammula Dentistry to everyone, you won't be disappointed!

Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates - St John's
Akeem Zachariah

Antigua Dentistry showed quality customer service. I walked away with a better smile and a better understanding of what’s better to come. Dr Jammula walked me through the ends and out of how to make my smile better and appreciate all that added attention.

Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates - St John's
Louis Snelling

We were on a cruise when my Sons tooth cracked, we spoke to reception who called the land operator at the next port and Dr Jammula agreed a sensible time to see my son. We arrived a bit early but Dr Jammula made time for us and saw my son straight away. After x rays it was explained what has happened and that my son would need a crown to save the tooth, however Dr Jammula could do a temp fix to allow my son to enjoy the remainder of the holiday and get it sorted when we returned to the UK. Dr Jammula was very professional, the facilities very clean, and to my other sons joy, free WiFi. The procedure was quite costly, but not overly considering the average dentals treatment costs on the island, in fact all of the Caribbean. Thank you Dr Jammula for attending to us, and allowing us to enjoy the remainder of the cruise pain free.

Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates - St John's
Ariel Miller

Decided to get a teeth cleaning done for both me and my son, from the beginning the whole experience was just out of this world, not only did she get done what I came to do, she explained in detail for both my son and I to understand what else was needed no sugarcoating, all procedures were painless and doc always checked with us making sure we were comfortable and relaxed. Service, kindness, and professionalism. If you’re looking for a dental clinic that’s gonna take good care of you check out Dr. jammula & Associates professionalism at its best . Thanks again Dr. and Co. you’ve got another two lifetime clients

Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates - St John's
Ian Benn

A bright, dazzling smile is simultaneously alluring, disarming and ice-breaking. You get those readily from the very friendly professionals at Jammula and Associates Antigua Dentistry.
My childhood fear of dentists disappeared years ago because of positive and satisfying care visits and top-notch dentistry, augmented by a modern, state-of-the-art facility. I'm very satisfied with the service and am sure that you will be also.

Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates - St John's
Rosemary Buckler

Following a front tooth and crown that broke off at the gum lime just 2 days into our holiday, our hotel arranged an emergency appointment with the Drs Jammula at Antigua dentistry in St John’s. Dr Poornima Jammula worked on my tooth for hours to create a temporary solution out of composite built over a pin screwed into the remaining tooth root. She demonstrated great skill in achieving a tooth that looked better than the original! She wanted to give me back my smile for our holiday photos, which she certainly did!

Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates - St John's
Nordia Mills

Had my root canal done in 2004 its still good, and the crown is good.The fillings are excellent condition for over 20 years and had my wisdom teeth removed and no I find all the equipments are state of the art and have been coming for 20 years and have the best experince ever...thanks to both husband and wife dentis

Antigua Dentistry - Dr Jammula and associates - St John's
Leanne Carpenter

I am a Canadian resident and whilst on a cruise, I unfortunately developed a molar tooth infection under a crown. As you can imagine, this was excruciatingly painful. I reached out to Dr. Jammula via email in a request for emergency care. The team responded within a day. Upon my arrival to the exceptionally clean facility, I was greeted by one of the pleasant staff memebers, asked to fill out health forms and had a very short wait before being seen.
Dr. Raj assessed my tooth and, as I suspected (and feared) his professional diagnonsis was the tooth required a root canal. Now, being in a foreign country and not knowing Dr. Jammula at all, you would think I would have been hesitant to allow him to preform such major work on my teeth. However, I was not. He was so professional, kind and attentive; gave me time to discuss with my husband and gave me very good advice (and options) on the situation for the remainder of my vacation. I proceeded with the root canal and I can tell you for certain it was the best and right decision. His team was amazing and I did not feel any pain throughout the work. All has gone well and my tooth feels fine. I want to thank him personally and the team for taking me in for this emergency treatment, treating me with utmost respect and also for his personal, professional advice on the rest of my teeth and mouthguard. I would highly recommend this clinic if you need and do not be worried if you are from out of the country; you will be treated well. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all!